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Camper Packing List

1. Bedding

•Sleeping Bag OR blanket and sheets [twin bed]



2. Towels and Washcloths

(Note: campers will be participating in water games daily, so send extra towels.)


3. Personal Articles





•Hairbrush or comb


4. Clothing

•T-shirts—at least two per day


•Shorts (see notes below)

•Socks and closed-toe shoes for horseback riding and ropes course


•Swimwear—at least two suits so one can be hanging to dry while one is being worn


•Comfortable shoes for walking and playing games


5. Study Materials


•Pen or Pencil


6. Medication

• If you take medications regularly, these should be in their original container and should be given to your church chaperone with a note of permission to dispense (including dosage information).


7. Theme Night Supplies and Accessories


8. Chaperones, please bring a can of “OFF” for your group.



What NOT to Bring to Camp


1.Electronics of any kind


2.Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or drugs


3.Fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind (including knives)




5.Money or other valuables



Dress Code

The following guidelines regarding appropriate apparel are for all campers and counselors.


1. It is our goal that our campers dress in a way that will honor Christ. Please keep this in mind as you are planning your camp wardrobe.


2. Shorts may be worn for all activities. They should be no shorter than six inches above the knee. Clothing to be avoided include short shorts (jogging shorts and Soffe shorts), midriffs, and halter tops.


3. Clothing featuring alcoholic beverages, rock groups, or other inappropriate or suggestive messages will not be allowed. No sagging, please.


4. A cover-up must be worn over swimsuits when going to and from the pool. No bikinis, tankinis or French cut swimsuits are allowed – a t-shirt in a color other than white must be worn over the swimsuit during swimming if the suit is too revealing.


5. Clothing worn for arrival and departure must also conform to the dress code.


**Since children can only wear whatever clothing is brought to camp, parents should see in advance that only clothing which meets the policies and spirit of the dress code are brought to camp. Please check your child’s clothing carefully when packing for camp.


**Church sponsors will be held responsible for seeing that their campers observe the dress code. Note: In the event of any confusion in interpreting these rules, the Camp Director’s interpretation will be followed.

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